Security is….

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Jul 032016
Security is....

I once had lunch with Paul Karger at IBM Watson labs while visiting my pal Wietse many years ago. I’d known he’d been around a long time… so I asked him what he thought security was, something that still confounds me. I find myself returning back to his answer: “security is when the money you put in the bank stays in the bank” He was a really neat guy, […]

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Jan 162014

I wrote this almost a decade ago when walking with dona on the streets of San Francisco; today I learned that John Dobson is dead. I remember you, john; RIP. The original link to his personal site no longer works… replaced with a wiki entry ;( This happened with a waxing moon about 88% full, according to the net…. Last night dona and I were walking along and there […]

Miss you

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Dec 252011
Miss you

Just ran across a picture of Bob Abbott, who died last year… I knew him for close to 20 years… and he was a great man, I shall miss drinking with him, arguing with him, talking with him… but mostly I’ll just miss him. I also found a treasure of an interview here, which I’ll also put below (links never last…) you can find a bit more about him […]

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