Security is….

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Jul 032016
Security is....

I once had lunch with Paul Karger at IBM Watson labs while visiting my pal Wietse many years ago. I’d known he’d been around a long time… so I asked him what he thought security was, something that still confounds me. I find myself returning back to his answer: “security is when the money you put in the bank stays in the bank” He was a really neat guy, […]

It was 20 years ago today…

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Apr 052015
It was 20 years ago today...

… and a few lifetimes… that wietse and I released SATAN.  What a long strange journey, as they say. Thanks to all the folks who used it, to the friends who have been kind. Thanks to muffy, and friends that are no longer with us. But most of all, thanks to my great and wonderful pal wietse. We haven’t worked together in awhile, but perhaps some day again, who knows? […]

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Miss you

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Dec 252011
Miss you

Just ran across a picture of Bob Abbott, who died last year… I knew him for close to 20 years… and he was a great man, I shall miss drinking with him, arguing with him, talking with him… but mostly I’ll just miss him. I also found a treasure of an interview here, which I’ll also put below (links never last…) you can find a bit more about him […]

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