wine of the timez

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Feb 142015
wine of the timez

It was a good night! In order: Marc Hebrart Brut Rosé NV Dom Ruinart Brut, 2002 Dom Perignon, 2004 Illuminated Magnum Roederer Cristal 2006 Dom Perignon, 2002 Rosé All were nigh breathtaking, and to have them all together was a special occasion indeed. Actually there was 2x all the above (except the magnum), plus various bottles of Veuve Clicquot to cleanse the palate and drink before/after, along with caviar, tarts, oysters, […]

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Jan 162014

I wrote this almost a decade ago when walking with dona on the streets of San Francisco; today I learned that John Dobson is dead. I remember you, john; RIP. The original link to his personal site no longer works… replaced with a wiki entry ;( This happened with a waxing moon about 88% full, according to the net…. Last night dona and I were walking along and there […]

Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again….

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Aug 152013
 Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again....

A letter I wrote to jeff moss, Mr. Def Con, about the last DC which I attended a day and a half of. Lots of promise… but wow. Jeff (who I’ve known over 20 years) responded and we’ll have a chat… I do hope some forward progress can be made. Various others have posted about this over the years, but I hadn’t been in a very, very long time […]

More than this?

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Oct 082012
More than this?

Lost in Translation is really a fabulous movie – if you’ve travelled a lot while being in monogamous relationships (and probably a guy, or at least of a certain mindset), and in particular tokyo or somewhere that is really alien. The sense of awe and aloneness… and the grandeur of tokyo, which I’m already in love with… Sofia just nailed that one. I don’t know what I’d think if […]

Bruce, prisons, justice, GhD

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Feb 022012
Bruce, prisons, justice, GhD

Thanks go out to bruce schneier for pointing out this article in the New Yorker* about the american prison, process, and justice (sic) system.  (Below, by adam gopnik.)  It’s important, and worth reading (has a great opening line as well.) I’ve spoken, written and read before about the appalling situation of this system; the numbers continue to rise and stagger even more.  I think one of the biggest realizations […]

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