By sheer Chance

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Jan 032014
By sheer Chance

Sometimes you’re simply struck by a phrase, a line, a feeling…. Was struck the other day by a song on the radio – Cocoa Butter Kisses, where a fast talkin’ rapper who misses his grandma’s kisses because he reeks of tobacco/weed.  Forgot about it for awhile, then ran across the album to the right on various year-end best-of lists.  Took it for a spin and there he was. What […]

More than this?

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Oct 082012
More than this?

Lost in Translation is really a fabulous movie – if you’ve travelled a lot while being in monogamous relationships (and probably a guy, or at least of a certain mindset), and in particular tokyo or somewhere that is really alien. The sense of awe and aloneness… and the grandeur of tokyo, which I’m already in love with… Sofia just nailed that one. I don’t know what I’d think if […]

High Fidelity, part I/II

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Jul 262012
High Fidelity, part I/II

Splitting this into two pieces… someday I’ll say a bit about HiFi technology, but I feel compelled to write about a hifi experience I had recently.  Anyone who goes into audiophilia even a bit probably has some sad or bad stories about worthless tech, pushy salesfolks, hype, etc., etc.  Overall I chalk it up to part of the game.  And it’s been my experience that in general audiophiles are […]

jenny’s got a pony

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May 312012
jenny's got a pony

Ran across one of the all time great command line arguments while working with virtualbox’s VBoxManage: –eula accept Yes, my perl program accepts your EULA. Now go away…. (Los Lobos is in the house, hence the title)  

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Time Traveling with Lou

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Feb 112012
Time Traveling with Lou

In 2009 Joe Viglione wrote A Study of Lou Reed’s Berlin and Rock & Roll Animal Albums; in it he said: Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner were as potent a duo as Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, and the four make-up the “Golden Era” of both The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, that period when the recordings were beyond magical…. Lou’s 9/1/73 show still rates as numero uno in my book, […]