Jan 032014

Sometimes you’re simply struck by a phrase, a line, a feeling….

Chance_The_Rapper_Acid_Rap-front-largeWas struck the other day by a song on the radio – Cocoa Butter Kisses, where a fast talkin’ rapper who misses his grandma’s kisses because he reeks of tobacco/weed.  Forgot about it for awhile, then ran across the album to the right on various year-end best-of lists.  Took it for a spin and there he was.

What a fine album, full of positive thoughts, feelings, the thrill of growing up, but all so-aware from a 20 year old (these days, for me, that’s really fuckin’ young ;))  A bit of negative stuff couched with humor that both funny and misogynistic, but he’s got a bright future if he does’t get lost in the way of getting all the fame and cash that he seems to be garnering.

Good luck, chance.  And for the rest… if you doubt, listen to track 13.  Sublime, touching, and fucking amazingly phrased/sang.  Wow!  On repeat for awhile….

And a free mixtape too, as an added bonus. Look out for him!

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