Sep 112016

Was just noticing the shell option in ipmitool.. wondered if you could echo a set of commands to it via stdin, and sure enough… the final bit is sending it a ctrl^D via \003 and echo -e.

This sends a chassis power status as well as a sol, channel, and mc info to BMC –

$ echo -e "chassis power status\nsol info\nchannel info 0\nmc info\n\004" | ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U root -P calvin shell

ipmitool> chassis power status
Chassis Power is off
ipmitool> sol info
Info: SOL parameter 'Payload Channel (7)' not supported - defaulting to 0x0e
Set in progress                 : set-complete
Enabled                         : true
Force Encryption                : true
Force Authentication            : true
Privilege Level                 : USER
Character Accumulate Level (ms) : 50
Character Send Threshold        : 100
Retry Count                     : 7
Retry Interval (ms)             : 480
Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)        : 19.2
Non-Volatile Bit Rate (kbps)    : 19.2
Payload Channel                 : 14 (0x0e)
Payload Port                    : 623
ipmitool> channel info 0
Channel 0x0 info:
  Channel Medium Type   : IPMB (I2C)
  Channel Protocol Type : IPMB-1.0
  Session Support       : session-less
  Active Session Count  : 0
  Protocol Vendor ID    : 7154
ipmitool> mc info
Device ID                 : 32
Device Revision           : 0
Firmware Revision         : 1.70
IPMI Version              : 2.0
Manufacturer ID           : 674
Manufacturer Name         : DELL Inc
Product ID                : 256 (0x0100)
Product Name              : Unknown (0x100)
Device Available          : yes
Provides Device SDRs      : yes
Additional Device Support :
    Sensor Device
    SDR Repository Device
    SEL Device
    FRU Inventory Device
    IPMB Event Receiver
    Chassis Device
Aux Firmware Rev Info     :

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