trivial command line…..

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Sep 112016

Was just noticing the shell option in ipmitool.. wondered if you could echo a set of commands to it via stdin, and sure enough… the final bit is sending it a ctrl^D via \003 and echo -e. This sends a chassis power status as well as a sol, channel, and mc info to BMC – $ echo -e "chassis power status\nsol info\nchannel info 0\nmc info\n\004" | ipmitool -I lanplus […]

lsof lite (III/III)

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Sep 252012

Finally one that looks at a process and tells you what ports its listening to. WPCM450 /tmp]$ ps |grep ssh  1263 root       4532 S   /sbin/sshd -g 60  9730 root       9412 S   sshd: root@pts/0     10571 root       3556 R   grep ssh [WPCM450 /tmp]$ ./ 1263 PID 1263 is listening on tcp6:22 PID 1263 is listening on tcp:22 […]

lsof lite (II/III)

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Sep 252012

Here’s one that looks up processes that have a file open… well, actually, more like a file expression; “foo” would match “/bar/foo” and “/foo/bar” (by intent), so use full paths if you’re not feeling frisky. And yes… busybox really does have that many duplicate processes with that file open…. [WPCM450 /tmp]$ ./ NVRAM_PrivateStorage00.dat /bin/fullfw      /flash/data0/BMC_Data/NVRAM_PrivateStorage00.dat /bin/fullfw      /flash/data0/BMC_Data/NVRAM_PrivateStorage00.dat /bin/fullfw      /flash/data0/BMC_Data/NVRAM_PrivateStorage00.dat /bin/fullfw      /flash/data0/BMC_Data/NVRAM_PrivateStorage00.dat […]

lsof lite I/III

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Sep 252012

After beating on some really anemic linux installations that had… well, just about nothing installed (one didn’t have “tr”, one didn’t have “df”, etc… come on, that’s pretty sad ;)), I decided to start writing some shell scripts in very, very basic shell (you can do a lot with shell, awk, and sed!) Here’s one that while not perfect, at least seems to work (so far!) – I