It was 20 years ago today…

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Apr 052015
It was 20 years ago today...

… and a few lifetimes… that wietse and I released SATAN.  What a long strange journey, as they say. Thanks to all the folks who used it, to the friends who have been kind. Thanks to muffy, and friends that are no longer with us. But most of all, thanks to my great and wonderful pal wietse. We haven’t worked together in awhile, but perhaps some day again, who knows? […]

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<3 Policy

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Dec 082014
<3 Policy

Security Policies Let us praise, slay, and bury security policies together. A security policy is perhaps the best way to deal with the security monster. It concerns itself with business and organizational issues, and is designed to assist the organization succeed in spite of human nature. I sometimes not-so-glibly say that a security policy is simply an expression of your desire. What do you want to see within your organization […]

getting tcpdump to write to pcap format

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Nov 032014

I wouldn’t think I’d be writing something like this, but….. Apple changed the default of tcpdump to writeout pcap-ng format, which wireshark doens’t understand by default. Wasn’t sure what was up, but a quick search didn’t get any hits… turns out the -y flag is the key (at least, Mavericks+.) $ sudo tcpdump -w /tmp/1 tcpdump: data link type PKTAP tcpdump: listening on pktap, link-type PKTAP (Packet Tap), capture […]

Post Millenium Tension

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Jun 222014

Perhaps this should be subtitled Why I’ll Never Work at Microsoft. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know where to begin, as the song goes. I started writing here on a whim. I don’t look at the traffic it may or may not get, and I haven’t accepted any comments or feedback to date; it’s simply a place for some thoughts, observations, and a tip or two, […]

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Mar 042014

In case I run into this again… fired up a VM with ubuntu 13.10, 64 bit… and after installing sshd (apt-get install openssh-server) it wouldn’t start; instead I’d get: # services ssh start start: Unknown job: ssh I didn’t see any answers out there, so I waded into the /etc/init.d/ssh script… it calls the “init_is_upstart” function here: check_for_upstart() { if init_is_upstart; then     exit $1 fi } The […]