Oct 082012

Lost in Translation is really a fabulous movie – if you’ve travelled a lot while being in monogamous relationships (and probably a guy, or at least of a certain mindset), and in particular tokyo or somewhere that is really alien. The sense of awe and aloneness… and the grandeur of tokyo, which I’m already in love with… Sofia just nailed that one. I don’t know what I’d think if I didn’t have a certain background, some people seem to detest the movie, but perhaps they haven’t been there (or it cuts too close to the truth, perhaps.)

There’s a scene in the fabulous Lost in Translation that is simply one of my favorite movie moments ever; for awhile I would drink and watch it over and over:

Bill is stumbling at singing… almost embarrassingly poorly… and then he sees the words, sings “more than this”, looks over, and that’s it, the connection. In a strange country, you can be anyone, even yourself, to a stranger. And Scarlett in pink hair, of course is to die for… but…. it’s more than that, not more than this.

That’s life, love, tokyo. That people can transcend, rise above… life is a weight, a burden, that I strive to rise above. So rarely….

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