Feb 142015

It was a good night! In order:

  • Marc Hebrart Brut Rosé NV
  • Dom Ruinart Brut, 2002
  • Dom Perignon, 2004 Illuminated Magnum
  • Roederer Cristal 2006
  • Dom Perignon, 2002 Rosé
fine champagnes

dead soldiers

All were nigh breathtaking, and to have them all together was a special occasion indeed. Actually there was 2x all the above (except the magnum), plus various bottles of Veuve Clicquot to cleanse the palate and drink before/after, along with caviar, tarts, oysters, pâté, and a wide variety of home made delicacies. The illuminated Magnum was especially nifty, as the label lights up with a greenish glow.

Perhaps the winner of the night was the 2002 Dom Rosé, which was simply sublime. I’d never had Cristal before (need to hang out with more rappers, perhaps?), which was surprisingly delicate and subtle.

Thanks to all the friends that showed up to share in the festivities, and special thanks to my wife and ddfwines, which she runs ;)


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