Security is….

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Jul 032016
Security is....

I once had lunch with Paul Karger at IBM Watson labs while visiting my pal Wietse many years ago. I’d known he’d been around a long time… so I asked him what he thought security was, something that still confounds me. I find myself returning back to his answer: “security is when the money you put in the bank stays in the bank” He was a really neat guy, […]

Get Device ID (moar IPMI… yawn….)

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Oct 122014
Get Device ID (moar IPMI... yawn....)

I’d had this sitting around for awhile and thought I’d take another look at it; in this I simply toss out an IPMI Get Device ID command and see what happens. This is an interesting one; the GUID is a Vendor Specific ID – the specification says that it’s “a unique number per device”, and that “a Device GUID should never change over the lifetime of the device”, which makes […]

Random bits

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Apr 212014

… well, literally… or pseudo literally? To generate 128 bits of pseudo-randomness: dd if=/dev/urandom bs=16 count=1 2>/dev/null| hexdump |awk ‘{$1=""; printf("%s", $0)}’ | sed ‘s/ //g’ Block size 16 = 16 bytes… do that once (count=1); that’s 16 bytes * 8 bits/byte = 128 bits. I’ve been using this in scripts lately, like “foo=$(…)”.

if you’re feeling (digitally) suicidal….

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Feb 222014
if you're feeling (digitally) suicidal....

… here’s how to decrease the security of your mac…. It was one of those situations that are hard to explain, but I wanted to execute an X program on a remote system and have it show up on my Mac’s screen WITHOUT using ssh. This was on Snow Leopard with the XQuartz X server, but probably similar in most macs. Back in the age of dinosaurs you could […]

VMware Fusion

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Oct 162013

Finally got Solaris 11 to work under VMware Fusion (5.03) – add (or replace whatever is there) line to the “solaris 11.vmx” in the VMware solaris location: ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000” Works under bridged, at least! Now to engage the beast the Solaris has become over the years… hopefully dtrace will work well under the Real Thing.

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