if you’re feeling (digitally) suicidal….

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Feb 222014
if you're feeling (digitally) suicidal....

… here’s how to decrease the security of your mac…. It was one of those situations that are hard to explain, but I wanted to execute an X program on a remote system and have it show up on my Mac’s screen WITHOUT using ssh. This was on Snow Leopard with the XQuartz X server, but probably similar in most macs. Back in the age of dinosaurs you could […]

OMG, finally!

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Feb 182013
OMG, finally!

I’ve waited for a over a decade, but finally – per process packet tracing on the mac (mountain lion.) For example, finding out the traffic that a python script sends via UDP and the return (both python programs on the same machine); the first sends “foo”, the server sends what it got plus “bar”: # dtrace -n ‘syscall::sendto*:entry /execname == "Python"/ { printf("%s sock=%d sockadd=%x buffer[%d]=%s",execname, arg0, arg4, arg2, […]

looking for a good man(1)

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Jan 152012
looking for a good man(1)

I like documentation.   Programs should have it.  But on the heels of the man path thing I did some more looking on my  Snow Leopard System. Finding all the SUID files outside the traditional /sbin areas shows a few more (e.g. “find -x / -type f -perm -04000 -ls”.)   Looks like 15 files, 8 of them by 3rd party vendors (good to know lazy coders are still out there): […]

walk like a /usr/bin/man

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Jan 142012

Sometime, probably in the paleozoic era, I wrote a little perl script I just came across again.  At the time  I was frustrated by commands in /bin or /usr/bin not having documentation, even on a cleanly installed system… I guess I would think if something is important enough to install on a system you might want to tell your users what it does… so I thought I’d look at how […]

getting password hash on OS-X

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Jan 142012

I keep having to look this up… so here’s a perl script (click to DL below). Also prints out some other stuff I keep forgetting how to get. Also does it for the user logged in, so you can sudo and have it work. Will die if you can’t read the hash file. Sample run: # ./ Running Snow Leopard, version 10.6.8 You is: zen Gen UID for zen […]