how on earth….

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May 272012

… can metasploit not export to CSV? And after going to great lengths to build it from source… it breaks a bit later… for no perceptible reason. Reinstall. At least their installer works. Then try to install bro… has a dependency (libmagic) that has no install option in the makefile. Great, time to look at configure source to figure out what hoops it wants me to jump through. Do […]

what’s up, mac?

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Feb 152012

Why don’t any of the host configuration checking tools work on the mac?   CIS, Bastille, ossec (they don’t do conf checking on mac, plus they claim to check CIS compliance on other platforms and don’t), etc.  Just want something simple to run that would check the basics, try to crack a password or two, show SUIDs, file permissions… don’t make me have to write it myself ;(

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Time Traveling with Lou

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Feb 112012
Time Traveling with Lou

In 2009 Joe Viglione wrote A Study of Lou Reed’s Berlin and Rock & Roll Animal Albums; in it he said: Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner were as potent a duo as Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, and the four make-up the “Golden Era” of both The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, that period when the recordings were beyond magical…. Lou’s 9/1/73 show still rates as numero uno in my book, […]

Die, WP, Die!

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Jan 302012

Really?   This little line solves so much.   Sometimes I wonder what devs are thinking, if anything.  Tnx to KG for figuring this one out. <pre>define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);</pre> <span style="text-align: left;">   They’re not alone.  Don’t get me started on Centos.

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looking for a good man(1)

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Jan 152012
looking for a good man(1)

I like documentation.   Programs should have it.  But on the heels of the man path thing I did some more looking on my  Snow Leopard System. Finding all the SUID files outside the traditional /sbin areas shows a few more (e.g. “find -x / -type f -perm -04000 -ls”.)   Looks like 15 files, 8 of them by 3rd party vendors (good to know lazy coders are still out there): […]