More than this?

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Oct 082012
More than this?

Lost in Translation is really a fabulous movie – if you’ve travelled a lot while being in monogamous relationships (and probably a guy, or at least of a certain mindset), and in particular tokyo or somewhere that is really alien. The sense of awe and aloneness… and the grandeur of tokyo, which I’m already in love with… Sofia just nailed that one. I don’t know what I’d think if […]

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

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Sep 102012
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

A monumental work… what a great line as well.  From the immortal Goya. Always stay vigilant….   (Image from the truly marvelous Met Museum of Art web pages, they have wonderful hi-def scans of so much… thanks!!!  What a tremendous way to bring art to the people – this bit isn’t even being physically shown right now, but I can get a real idea of what it’s about by […]

everything looks good, but….

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Aug 282012

So at first, this looks normal: The emulated hardware consists in the following devices: 32 bit x86 compatible CPU 8259 Programmble Interrupt Controller 8254 Programmble Interrupt Timer 16450 UART Real Time Clock. IDE interface and hard disk. But then… he goes on to say it’s written in… javascript.  Astonishing demo here (requires somewhat of a modern browser) :) Some people have big brains.

the umbrella man

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Apr 212012
the umbrella man

  Or… sometimes a pipe is just a pipe. I’ve long had an admiration for errol morris, a filmmaker who seems to just keep getting better (I hate him too!) – his The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara was (and is) just a marvel. But his writing for the NYT is what really put me in awe of the man.  Through a series of […]