What’s in a word, anyway?

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Dec 102014
What's in a word, anyway?

People are afraid of wines. They’re uncertain about them, and the entire wine industry is geared towards exploiting those negative emotions and playing upon the consumer’s lack of confidence. When my wife and I started a small wine business, I was trying to figure out a way of helping people better understand wines and afford them an opportunity to explore them in a non-threatening way. So I started out […]

breaking wind down

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Mar 292012
breaking wind down

Here’s a killer visualization: It’s a living graphic that provokes and rewards curiosity (zoom in and out, look at the eddies and whorls) as well as teaches. Really astonishing. Probably will go away someday, but check this out (the real one @ the link moves ;))   This one does just about everything right.  

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