mounting jffs2

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Nov 232012

After mounting a bunch of filesystems I thought I’d just whip up a little shell script to help me out when working with jffs2 images, mtd, and linux (only tested on centos 6.) I won’t go over how to get kernel support and all that crap – there are many guides, and while many won’t work eventually something will for you too ;( This one is fairly simple to […]


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Nov 112012

Since I didn’t find it anywhere else… Avocent, who makes a heck of a lot of BMCs, and at times (like with Dell’s iDRAC, at least version 6) keeps encrypted passwords in (well, quite possible/probable OEM dependent) “/flash/data0/etc/avctpasswd” (don’t be fooled by the /etc/passwd file) using SHA1 hashed passwords converted into Base64. I surmise this file is used to protect the real passwords that are stored in clear text […]