Aug 122012
silent ~ 501 > uptime
11:05:23 up 510 days, 13:54, 4 users, load average: 0.10, 0.11, 0.09

How long can it go on?  I’ve never even had power stay stable this long … probably in my lifetime (foolishly have no UPS.)  I’ll probably blow a fuse when I plugin my new few servers…..

This is a pretty amazing graph – > 1% wood?  Who would have guessed?  But check out the hydro!

According to a power report by the institue for energy research “Most of Washington’s hydroelectric power is generated from eight of the state’s ten largest power plants on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.”

If everywhere was as wet as WA things would be very different… not only energy, all those people out there w/o clean water to drink, too.

Overall, in the USA, 1/10th the hydro, 7 times the coal… global warming?  Don’t blame us!










So the real question… why do we burn so much wood for power? :)

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