May 152012

So I got a CD in the mail with the WA state voter information; it has 3.66M active records (and something close to 5M total; they say something like 6.8M live in WA) on it, and is available for $7 from the WA secretary of state. There are 9 daniel farmers; nothing remarkable, but I’m in there, of course:

They gave a few other interesting files on the CD, like the date you voted from about 2006 to the present, inactive and cancelled voters. Interestingly they list why you were canceled, too – duplicate, felon, or deceased, so now I also have a list of 16232 Felons and 121832 deceased (2 inactive and 6 cancelled (including 1 DANNY FARMER, deceased, a close call; RIP danny):

StateVoterID    CountyVoterID   Title   FName   MName   LName   NameSuffix      Birthdate       Gender  RegStNum        RegStFrac       RegStName       RegStType       RegUnitType     RegStPreDirection       RegStPostDirection      RegUnitNum      RegCity RegState        RegZipCode      CountyCode      PrecinctCode    PrecinctPart    LegislativeDistrict     CongressionalDistrict   Mail1   Mail2   Mail3   Mail4   MailCity        MailZip MailCountry     Registrationdate        AbsenteeType    LastVoted       StatusCode
WA003525849	776114		DANNY	L	FARMER		08/22/1946	7001		OLD REDMOND	RD	APT			O157	REDMONDWA	98052	KI	2628	0	48	1				09/16/2000	N	11/01/2000	CD

(I haven’t taken anything out, not all fields are populated.)

Turns out all states are required to give out this data… presumably for similar charges (maybe some have the data online now); you too could get all 50 states for something less than $500. No wonder I get so many catalogues in the mail.

Of course to stay anonymous you really want to have an unusually common name – names are more like IPv4 than IPv6 – there are 1775 JOHNSON,F (I didn’t know you could register with just an initial!) – try finding out more about them vs. the AHLYN ODILAO’s of the world (to choose one of many fairly unusual, if not unique, names.)

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