3.66+ million can’t be wrong

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May 152012

So I got a CD in the mail with the WA state voter information; it has 3.66M active records (and something close to 5M total; they say something like 6.8M live in WA) on it, and is available for $7 from the WA secretary of state. There are 9 daniel farmers; nothing remarkable, but I’m in there, of course: https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/vrdb_order.aspx They gave a few other interesting files on the […]

restoring mysql tables….

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Mar 262012

Note to self… use this perl program+backup…. http://blog.tsheets.com/2008/tips-tricks/extract-a-single-table-from-a-mysqldump-file.html And since things break over time… the program.  Not mine, use at your own peril, etc… just don’t ask why I needed it…. extract_sql Attachments extract_sql (ERROR)