May 132015

A bit over 2 years ago I started on a journey that has become a bit surreal; I had what seemed like a modest goal, simply create something that would facilitate confidential (e.g. encrypted) sharing of information in an easy way. Then snowden came along, and things started become even more… interesting, in the Chinese way.

Tragedy, comedy, farce, delays and complications beyond belief followed. But the basic problem I was shooting to face was simple –

If you and I wanted to have a private voice or Skype-like conversation, share data, instant message, etc – it’s pretty rough unless we involve a 3rd party or use PGP (which is even rougher, god, what a user experience!)

Of course lately we haven’t had much luck with those 3rd parties keeping our data and activities confidential, even more than when I started, but hey, that’s life.

Anyway, I do believe that if you want to exchange data, or have a video conversation with someone, and (a) make it *moderately* simple (easy once you’ve installed the thing) and not be all tied up with third parties, I will say that this is something that might fit the bill.

No matter what, jesus christ, it’s taken forever to get this out. I hope all of you are having good times on the intertubes of the wonderful world and network.

early prototype

early prototype

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