waxing nostalgic

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Sep 112012
waxing nostalgic

Got an HP server to play with, a Proliant ML 150 G6 (what’s the deal with HP’s wacko URLs?); not too expensive, and is big with really loud fans. When setting up IPMI the man advises you to “use Telnet to log in to the remote management CLP” – I haven’t used telnet in sometime, I had to try. telnet Trying… Connected to Escape character is […]

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cats who stare down goats

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Sep 062012
cats who stare down goats

I went to the 2011 USENIX security conference… admittedly not expecting much, but wietse was going to be there, and I must say a really, really fine show.  Yes, this is ancient history now… but so am I! Most of us spend a fair bit of time encased in two tons of steel, glass, rubber and more, zipping along at high speeds without a care in the world.  In […]

security strikeout

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Jun 302012

Everybody’s Talkin’… no one’s doing? Talking to a CSO of a fortune 500 company and a CSO of a bank… asked them if they ran scanners or vulnerability assessment tools on their home systems. No. Of course no. 0-3. And pretty much no one I know in the security profession does… it’s way too painful, way too hard, way too… much of a pain in the ass. We talk […]

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It’s time.

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Mar 052012
It's time.

Raptor time.     Can it get any better?

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