Sleeps with Butterflies

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Sep 132012
Sleeps with Butterflies

Butterfly flaps have interesting consequences. Apparently Edward Lorenz came up with the term butterfly effect; later he wrote a marvelous paper presented at the 1972 AAAS (speech below, and taken from another site which had the text), which explains the effect… in a way that may or may not align with how you view it. It’s a very easy read of a complex topic, and in it he talks […]

waxing nostalgic

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Sep 112012
waxing nostalgic

Got an HP server to play with, a Proliant ML 150 G6 (what’s the deal with HP’s wacko URLs?); not too expensive, and is big with really loud fans. When setting up IPMI the man advises you to “use Telnet to log in to the remote management CLP” – I haven’t used telnet in sometime, I had to try. telnet Trying… Connected to Escape character is […]

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cats who stare down goats

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Sep 062012
cats who stare down goats

I went to the 2011 USENIX security conference… admittedly not expecting much, but wietse was going to be there, and I must say a really, really fine show.  Yes, this is ancient history now… but so am I! Most of us spend a fair bit of time encased in two tons of steel, glass, rubber and more, zipping along at high speeds without a care in the world.  In […]

…losing a half day of my life… and I’m running out of half days.

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Jul 272012

This line did it: $ENV{‘PERL_LWP_SSL_VERIFY_HOSTNAME’} = 0; Net::Nessus::XMLRPC, which calls LWP::UserAgent, didn’t emit any hints why something that had been working for many months suddenly doesn’t when I am forced to port to a new system… same OS, how could it go wrong? Turns out LWP changed the default behavior that had been around forever – now it dies if a cert isn’t kompletely kosher.  Since virtually every Nessus install […]

one line shuttle

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Jul 132012

A one line gawk script to transfer a file to a waiting netcat… it’s sort of a really crappy one-way netcat that you stuff things into.   I actually sort of needed this when on a suxx0r really stripped down busybox linux system that had zero file transfer programs, it was a wasteland… but the fools left gawk on the system… so a quick hack to do file transfers: […]