Even more IPMI, woohoo!

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Jun 052014
Even more IPMI, woohoo!

I wrote a small paper surveying the scene of IPMI in the wild – Sold Down the River – the title of which might give you some clue as to make on the situation. Used to be folks used guns to rob us… computers make everything so much easier!

Booting a dell server from a remote ISO image

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Jan 312014

This is in various scripts and snippets, but I didn’t see it simply by itself…. People sometimes ask me how to reboot a server and boot it off a remote image via the BMC. Dell’s BMC (that little chip that runs IPMI and other things) can speak DMTF/WSMAN/etc/etc, like just about all the servers in the world. If you have the wsmancli package installed on Linux (or the equiv […]