DARPA, I’ll miss you when I’m gone

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Jul 062012

So I’ve been winding down my project at DARPA and thought I’d put down some at least close-to-final thoughts on it. I’ve been asked a number of times about how much people should charge for their work.  Three things on this: The government is doing you a favor if you get accepted – you get to do what you want, keep it, and that’s it?  That’s gotta be worth […]

how on earth….

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May 272012

… can metasploit not export to CSV? And after going to great lengths to build it from source… it breaks a bit later… for no perceptible reason. Reinstall. At least their installer works. Then try to install bro… has a dependency (libmagic) that has no install option in the makefile. Great, time to look at configure source to figure out what hoops it wants me to jump through. Do […]


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Jan 272012

As previously said it looks like I know what I’ll be doing the next few months: working on a DARPA funded project that I submitted to the Cyber Fast Track (CFT) program.   I had paused because I wanted to confirm some stuff before writing more about it… here’s a brain dump of the process.  I’ll write up what I’m doing in a later bit. I’m still struck – […]