been a long time

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Aug 122012
been a long time

silent ~ 501 > uptime 11:05:23 up 510 days, 13:54, 4 users, load average: 0.10, 0.11, 0.09 How long can it go on?  I’ve never even had power stay stable this long … probably in my lifetime (foolishly have no UPS.)  I’ll probably blow a fuse when I plugin my new few servers….. This is a pretty amazing graph – > 1% wood?  Who would have guessed?  But check […]

Thanks, peter

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Apr 302012

Peter Neumann introduced me to another Peter, the author of this delightful lil’ missive below. Thanks P^2. [5] Elias, P., “Two famous papers” (Editorial), Sep. 1958, p. 99. TWO FAMOUS PAPERS PETER ELIAS It is common in editorials to discuss matters of general policy and not specific research. But the two papers I would like to describe have been written so often, by so many different authors under so […]

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breaking wind down

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Mar 292012
breaking wind down

Here’s a killer visualization: It’s a living graphic that provokes and rewards curiosity (zoom in and out, look at the eddies and whorls) as well as teaches. Really astonishing. Probably will go away someday, but check this out (the real one @ the link moves ;))   This one does just about everything right.  

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Jan 272012

As previously said it looks like I know what I’ll be doing the next few months: working on a DARPA funded project that I submitted to the Cyber Fast Track (CFT) program.   I had paused because I wanted to confirm some stuff before writing more about it… here’s a brain dump of the process.  I’ll write up what I’m doing in a later bit. I’m still struck – […]