one ring to bind them, one line to find them

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Dec 072012
one ring to bind them, one line to find them

I guess if you import enough libraries just about anything can be made into a one liner… if you have imported BeautifulSoup, re, requests, and sys, in python3 you can simply do: print(re.sub(r’^.*imgurl=([^&]+)&.*$’, r’\1′, str(BeautifulSoup(requests.get("http://images.google.com/search?num=50&hl=en&safe=off&site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1744&bih=1279&q=%s&oq=" % sys.argv[1]).text).find(href=re.compile("imgurl"))))) To find the first hit on a google image search with argv[1]. Google will probably change their URL images later today and it’ll stop working, but I wanted this for a random […]

mounting jffs2

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Nov 232012

After mounting a bunch of filesystems I thought I’d just whip up a little shell script to help me out when working with jffs2 images, mtd, and linux (only tested on centos 6.) I won’t go over how to get kernel support and all that crap – there are many guides, and while many won’t work eventually something will for you too ;( This one is fairly simple to […]


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Nov 112012

Since I didn’t find it anywhere else… Avocent, who makes a heck of a lot of BMCs, and at times (like with Dell’s iDRAC, at least version 6) keeps encrypted passwords in (well, quite possible/probable OEM dependent) “/flash/data0/etc/avctpasswd” (don’t be fooled by the /etc/passwd file) using SHA1 hashed passwords converted into Base64. I surmise this file is used to protect the real passwords that are stored in clear text […]

when you’ve really hosed yourself

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Oct 312012

Or, perhaps, working with a really minimal system… saw two posts that were pretty handy – basically how to reconstruct binaries with the shell alone (no cheats like mv or an editor or anything…); reconstruction by force: http://fakeguido.blogspot.com/2010/08/rescuing-hosed-system-using-only-bash.html And: http://www.eusebeia.dyndns.org/bashcp Some nice little functions here building on the above: http://www.h-i-r.net/2009/08/cratered-your-linux-box-here-are-some.html

HP firmware disks

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Sep 302012
HP firmware disks

I’d been playing with them… and since I hadn’t seen this anywhere I’ll put it as a small hack o the day. The disks do what they say (e.g. … install firmware ;)) – basically you burn it to a cd, boot it up, and it has some sort of access to the system. Since I’ve been working with these sorts of things lately I was curious how they […]