shotgun scanning

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Jun 242013
shotgun scanning

UDP scanning has always been slow. Slower than slow, slower than molasses, really fucking slow. So when I started being interested in scanning for IPMI out in the wild, which runs on UDP 623, I first fired up trusty ol’ nmap… but bless it’s heart, it’s a cautious, robust scanner that is outrun by crippled snails on UDP scanning. So I thought… well, most scans don’t really need a request-response-follow-up… […]

one packet auditing

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Jan 262013

Not all packets are equal. If you send a single UDP packet to port 623 that contains an “Get Channel Authentication Capabilities” (see secion 22.13 of the IPMI v2 spec), you’ll get back a packet that has some interesting features. You can get this by parsing the output of “ipmitool -v -v -H -U user -P password lan print”, but more systems have python than ipmitool, so I […]