if you’re feeling (digitally) suicidal….

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Feb 222014
if you're feeling (digitally) suicidal....

… here’s how to decrease the security of your mac…. It was one of those situations that are hard to explain, but I wanted to execute an X program on a remote system and have it show up on my Mac’s screen WITHOUT using ssh. This was on Snow Leopard with the XQuartz X server, but probably similar in most macs. Back in the age of dinosaurs you could […]

OMG, finally!

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Feb 182013
OMG, finally!

I’ve waited for a over a decade, but finally – per process packet tracing on the mac (mountain lion.) For example, finding out the traffic that a python script sends via UDP and the return (both python programs on the same machine); the first sends “foo”, the server sends what it got plus “bar”: # dtrace -n ‘syscall::sendto*:entry /execname == "Python"/ { printf("%s sock=%d sockadd=%x buffer[%d]=%s",execname, arg0, arg4, arg2, […]