Feb 102012

So I’m walking down the street and get stopped by an effervescent volunteer who claims to come from UNICEF.  Now… come on, who doesn’t like unicef?  All around good people who have done good things for kids for a long time, as far as I can tell.  But they/she was pressing for a $x per month donation/membership kind of thing.  After declining that I asked about a one-time donation on the spot.  She said that she could  absolutely do that… but when I said that I wouldn’t give my physical address, but could pay in cash or credit card… and… she wouldn’t take my money.

Hmm… charity… money… and they won’t take it without some way of spamming or reaching out to you at a future date.


To the marketing folks – you will not take over the world, however you try.   Why don’t charity’s take anonymous contributions?  Money for a good cause is a good thing… no?

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