stupid docker tricks #239192

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Feb 022016
stupid docker tricks #239192

1) Limit max processes on container; unfortunately docker seems intent on me not doing docker stupid tricks, so this is actually a bit of a pain on some systems… but if you figure out/etc/security/limits.conf, or can use prlimit (or write your own; use RLIMIT_NPROC instead of RLIMIT_NOFILE), you can do “prlimit –pid 666 –nproc=3:3” to limit the processes on the system to a very small number. Say… only what you’re running inside […]

Dark Cat Rising

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Feb 152013
Dark Cat Rising

Appropos of nothing…

cats who stare down goats

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Sep 062012
cats who stare down goats

I went to the 2011 USENIX security conference… admittedly not expecting much, but wietse was going to be there, and I must say a really, really fine show.  Yes, this is ancient history now… but so am I! Most of us spend a fair bit of time encased in two tons of steel, glass, rubber and more, zipping along at high speeds without a care in the world.  In […]

and you too…

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Dec 252011
and you too...

  … my best friend. Flame, I’ll always miss you. Not sad, just remembering. I miss you so.   [portfolio_slideshow]

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