In conjunction with the openssl scripts… a little bit of python code to fire up an ssl server… lots of them out there, this one is mine. #!/usr/bin/env python # # fire up an HTTPS/ssl web server in the PWD (defaults to localhost:8081) # # optional – give a file name to serve up, like "$0 foofile.html" # If you use this option it’ll wait a few seconds and [...]

openssl... let me count the ways I hate you....

I put a script or two on github; generates a CA and server and client certs, suitable (I hope!) for openvpn and https and all that. Based on the easy-rsa scripts, but I didn’t find them that easy to use. A haiku to openssl: openssl a black crane over the lake may you rot in hell                   Image is Hokusai’s “Mount [...]


In case I run into this again… fired up a VM with ubuntu 13.10, 64 bit… and after installing sshd (apt-get install openssh-server) it wouldn’t start; instead I’d get: # services ssh start start: Unknown job: ssh I didn’t see any answers out there, so I waded into the /etc/init.d/ssh script… it calls the “init_is_upstart” function here: check_for_upstart() { if init_is_upstart; then     exit $1 fi } The [...]

if you're feeling (digitally) suicidal....

… here’s how to decrease the security of your mac…. It was one of those situations that are hard to explain, but I wanted to execute an X program on a remote system and have it show up on my Mac’s screen WITHOUT using ssh. This was on Snow Leopard with the XQuartz X server, but probably similar in most macs. Back in the age of dinosaurs you could [...]


This is in various scripts and snippets, but I didn’t see it simply by itself…. People sometimes ask me how to reboot a server and boot it off a remote image via the BMC. Dell’s BMC (that little chip that runs IPMI and other things) can speak DMTF/WSMAN/etc/etc, like just about all the servers in the world. If you have the wsmancli package installed on Linux (or the equiv [...]

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